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Robert L Rauck
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For Analog, Power Electronics or Motion/Process Control Consulting Support, E-Mail:
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Papers I have written illustrating common design issues.

Visit   Amplifier AC Design Problem

Visit   Amplifier DC Analysis Rev A

Visit   Differential Amplifier DC Analysis

Visit   First Order System Rise Time Rev A

Visit   Amplifier External Noise Analysis

Visit   Magnetic Flux Density Rev A

Visit   Converter Flux-Walking

A large number of additional articles on various topics are being planned. Your comments, criticisms and suggestions for additional articles are being solicited. E-Mail Robert L Rauck at:

Sample Power Supply Documents

Download aa_011899a.pdf (Power Supply Specifiication Template)

Analog Design, Power Electronics & Motion Control articles by many authors
Go to:  Engineering Reference Material

Links with in-depth articles (many are free) on analog design, feedback theory, HV technology, magnetics design, power electronics design, motion control design and a host of other topics

Go to:  Infotreve Search Service  to locate full text of additional papers (pay service).

A list of important Power Electronics patents
Go to:  Power Electronics Patent List 1
Go to:  Power Electronics Patent List 2
Go to:  Power Electronics Patent List 3
Go to:  Power Electronics Patent List 4
Go to:  Power Electronics Patent List 5
Go to:  Power Electronics Patent List 6
Go to:  Power Electronics Patent List 7
Go to:  Power Electronics Patent List 8

Links to a database that has collected a Power Electronics Patent list covering the past 80 years

Go to:  US Patent Office  to view actual patents (complete images free).

Go to:  Prior Art Database  to view the Prior Art Database, a unique database dedicated to the publication of technical disclosure documents. The Prior Art Database contains content that cannot be found anywhere else, and is an essential source of non-patent prior art data for intellectual property professionals, research and development (R&D) staff, corporate library staff, and individual inventors wishing to research prior art.

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