Robert L Rauck
Ph: 215-362-0258
Fax: 215-362-3458

For Analog, Power Electronics or Motion/Process Control Consulting Support, E-Mail:

Experience: I have more than 30 years experience in low and high voltage power supply design at power levels from tens of milliwatts to hundreds of kilowatts. High voltage applications include TWT (Radar Jammer and Spacecraft Communications Transponder), Magnetron (Radar Jammer), CRT (color television) and Image Intensifier (Night Vision) applications. Low voltage applications range from low power multi-output housekeeping functions to multi-kilowatt DC-DC converters for pulse load projects. Off-line AC-DC converters were developed for a number of applications. Projects have included commercial, military and space applications. I have many years of magnetics design experience at frequencies ranging from power line up to 500kHz.

I am listed in the National IEEE Consultant's Directory: National IEEE Consultants' Directory

I am also a member of the Philadelphia IEEE Consultants' Network: Philadelphia IEEE Consultants' Directory

Tool Expertise: I have many years of Spice modeling/simulation experience for time domain and frequency domain (loop stability using State Space Averaging) simulation of power electronics equipment. I also use MathCad to analyze circuits during initial paper designs and Worst Case Analysis.

I am currently developing tools to mechanize substantial portions of the design process. This will include magnetics optimization, worst case analysis, parts stress analysis, test limit computation (subassembly and final assembly) and a number of other areas. It involves linking a Microsoft Access component info database to analysis and simulation tools and automatically performing a sequence of analyses/simulations under a predefined set of operating modes and environmental conditions.

Microsoft Office (including Microsoft Project) is used to prepare required project documentation. Drafting support is available for PC Board layout and preparation of complete drawing packages.

Location: I am located at the Hatfield office:
667 Sourwood Drive
Hatfield, PA 19440