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Magazine Links
Circuits Assembly Magazine
Journal for Surface Mount and Electronics Assembly
Coil Winding & Electrical Insulation Magazine
Coil Winding International Magazine is intended for industries that use, manufacture or repair Coils, Transformers and Electrical Motors and Generators
Engineering Magazine Directory
Large list of engineering-related magazines
Motion Control Magazine
News articles, live news, and stocks of interest to the Motion Control Industry
PC FAB Magazine
Magazine for PCB technology, training, and news
Power Electronics Technology Magazine
Power Industry News and Technical articles
Power Quality Magazine
Utility Industry News and Technical articles
Primedia Power
Primedia Power-related magazine directory
Printed Circuit Design and Manufacture Magazine
Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture is the result of the fusion of PC FAB and Printed Circuit Design magazines. Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture provides a forum to enable design and manufacturing managers, executives and their suppliers to understand and implement techniques, methodologies, processes and technologies that compliment and improve competitiveness in the electronic interconnect industry.
Switching Power Magazine
Excellent articles on a variety of power supply design topics
Tech Expo Directory
Tech Expo Directory of Engineering and Scientific Trade Technical Magazines. This is the most extensive list of technical magazines (all subjects) I have seen.
Webcom publishes several newsletters and magazines that serve the software, battery, antenna, vehicle industries, remote asset and magnetics industries

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