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Technical Papers
Technical papers I have written, links to papers by many other authors and a power electronics patent list
Recommended Books
Recommendations for technical books that will improve your design skills.
SwitcherCADTM III Spice
Fully functional Free Spice software (unlimited circuit size) with schematic capture and waveform viewer available for download from Linear Technology Corporation. Third party device models can easily be added to the library.

If you encounter problems installing or operating SwitcherCADTM III Spice for the purpose of selecting and evaluating Linear Technology products, you may obtain technical assistance by calling their Applications Department at (408) 432-1900, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday.

Assistance with development of third party device models (or using SwitcherCADTM III Spice to analyze circuits not evaluating Linear Technology products) is available from Creative Power Resources, Inc. on a time and materials consulting agreement basis at 215-362-0258 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday. The first 8 man-hours of SwitcherCADTM III Spice support are free when a consulting agreement (need not be for Spice support) of at least one man-month (160 man-hours) duration is in place. Consulting engagements longer than one man-month will be entitled to 8 man-hours of free SwitcherCADTM III Spice support per man-month of the consulting agreement.

Circuit Design Aides
Useful links to design rules of thumb and on-line calculator applets
Component and Equipment Procurement Data Links
Component and equipment vendor data links (including a complete selection of vendors for magnetics construction materials) to assist in selection and procurement
Design, Manufacturing and Quality Tools & Technology Links
Links to software and other resources for PWB layout, reliability modeling, sneak path analysis, lean manufacturing methodology, concurrent engineering, continuous process/quality improvement and more
Documents & Standards
Links to sites featuring Best Mfg Practices (full text documents), FCC requirements, Mil Specs (full text documents), Patent Office search (full text documents), US and European Commercial Agency Standards (including UL) etc.
Engineering Reference Material
Links with in-depth articles on analog design, feedback theory, HV technology, magnetics design, power electronics design, motion control design and a host of other topics
Industry News & Market Studies
Power Supply industry news & market forcast data links often segregated by market segment

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