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Power Supply Design Links
AVTECH Publications
Links to valuable power electronics technical articles including a PHD Thesis
AVX Capacitor Application Literature
AVX data links to App Notes & technical articles
Ben-Gurion University Power Electronics Papers
Collection of papers on Power Electronics topics (many full text)
Converter Architecture Design Tools
Very useful set of power converter design tools for calculating relevant voltage and current waveforms and assistance in picking component values.
Digital Logic Families
Discussions of the fundamental properties of various digital logic components.
Digital Signal Processing Book
On-line book on Digital Signal Processing available for download in PDF format.
Link to full text Power Systems papers
Engineering Formula Library
Links to engineering theorems & design formulae covering a variety of topic areas
Inventer's Design Center
Links to engineering theory related to analog, digital and power electronics disciplines.
LSU Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Collection
Louisiana State University Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Collection. List is a mixture of engineering and non-engineering topics.
EW Tutorial
An introductory but fairly complete EW Tutorial covering myriad radar types and their search patterns
Fuse & Transient Suppressor App Notes
Application information covering the Littlefuse product line
H. Dean Venable's Technical Papers
Links to free in-depth articles principally on feedback theory and power supply design
Image Intensifier Tubes
Excellent technical paper on Image Intensifier Tube technology
Instrumentation Course Lecture Notes
Excellent Set of Lecture Notes for an Instrumentation Course. Useful review of a variety of topics.
Jerrold Foutz publications bibliography and abstracts
Abstracts of papers and seminars presented by Jerrold Foutz on various power electronics topics
Kemet Capacitor Application Literature
Kemet data links to App Notes & technical articles
Keyue Ma Smedley papers
Papers by Keyue Ma Smedley (many full text)
Magnetron Principles
Magnetron operating principles presented at basic Physics level
MTE Corporation
Power Quality Resource for line/load reactors, transformers, matrix harmonic filters, RFI/EMI filters, DC link chokes, and other PQ products.
National Semiconductor Product Application Info
Directory of links to app notes on National Semiconductor's family of products. AB & TB are Tech Briefs; AD, AN & OA are App Notes; and LB is Linear Briefs.
On-Line EW and Radar Systems Eng Handbook
Excellent Reference for EW & Radar Applications
On Semiconductor App Note Index
Links to the complete set on On Semiconductor Product App Notes
Outgassing Data for Spacecraft Materials
Link to Outgassing Data for Selecting Spacecraft Materials
Link to full text of many power electronics papers
Power Electronics Technical Papers
Links to free in-depth articles on feedback theory and other aspects of power supply design
Power Factor Correction
PhD Thesis on Power Factor Correction
A tutorial on oscillator performance and measurements
Rudy Severns publications bibliography
Bibliography of publications by Rudy Severns, President of Springtime Enterprises, including books, application notes, magazine articles, and conference papers
Switch-Mode Power Supply Notes
Links with free articles on feedback theory and power supply design
TI Analog References
Papers from Unitrode Design Seminars & Analog Design Reference Material
TWT App Note
TWT technology presentation that gives a good overview
Unitrode Design Seminars
Free (usually full text) copies of Unitrode Design Seminar Papers
Virginnia Tech Thesis & Dissertation Collection
Virginnia Tech Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Collection. List is a mixture of engineering and non-engineering topics alphabetically sorted by department.

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