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Design Technology links
Links to a hugh selection of mechanical items predrawn in AutoCAD (and other) compatable formats
e/j Bloom Kits & Test Tools
Large selection of EMI Sniffer Probes plus integrated magnetics test kit
GEB1 Bibliography
Links to data applicable to designing for military applications
General Reliability Links
Extensive links to many aspects of reliability requirements and issues
Independant Design Analyses, Inc
Vendor offering extensive reliability analysis capability including sneak path analysis
Material Safety Datasheets
Where to find Material Safety Datasheets on the Internet
Power Supply Circuit Design Task Descriptions
Detailed work plans for the circuit design of power supplies are provided that can be modified and expanded to aid in scheduling and estimating the cost of power supply design
Reliability Analysis Center
Link to DOD site with data on many reliability topics
Reliability Modeling & Prediction
Links to a variety of reliability modeling sites
TPSX Database
Thermal Protection Systems Expert and Material Properties Database
Collection of links to sites dedicated to MEMS technology

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