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Magnetic Wire & Copper Foil Links
Advanced Wire and Cable
Stocking distributor of military and commercial wire, cable, and tubing
E. Jordan Brookes Co.
Broad Selection of copper foil (and much more) for sale
Electronic Integrated Supply
Broad Selection of magnetic fabrication items (including magnet wire) for sale
Supplier of materials to the motor rewind and transformer industry
Select the Material Tab to view of magnet wire including specialty magnet wire with advanced insulation for agency approval applications (and more).
Molecu Wire Corporation
Manufacturer of magnet wire including special insulation (and more)
MWS Wire Industries
Broad Selection of magnet wire for sale
New England Wire Technologies
Supplier of magnet wire and many other types including agency approval applications. NEWT has supplied custom cables, flat braided wire and multiconductor cable solutions to companies large and small, including medical device manufacturers, the automotive industry, defense and aerospace contractors, telecommunications designers, audio/visual component manufacturers, cable assembly houses and more.
Nexans Energy Cable & Metallurgy Division
Formerly Alcatel Canada Wire in Canada, and Alcatel Wire and Cable in the US, Nexans has been designing, manufacturing and delivering cables to customers in North America and around the world since 1911
Olin Brass
Broad Selection of copper foil (and much more) for sale
Phelps Dodge Wire & Cable
They offer a broad product line features conventional, solderable and bondable insulations on round and shaped aluminum and copper conductors
PPI Adhesive Products Ltd
Broad range of electronic tapes for sale
Rea Magnet Wire Company, Inc.
The Rea Magnet Wire Company, Inc. produces copper, aluminum and brass insulated magnet wire and bare wire used in the manufacture of motors, transformers and coils. Rea also produces a number of specialty wire products.
They produce over 500 different types of magnet wire that can be used in a wide variety of electromagnetic devices, including motors, transformers, control devices, relays, generators and solenoids
S & W Wire
Broad Selection of magnet wire (custom insulation available) for sale
Virginia Insulated Products, Inc.
VIP provides a broad selection of magnet wire with emphasis on multiple insulated types for agency approval applications.

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